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Things we love

There are few out there who talk the talk whilst walking the walk, heres a few we feel do both, and do it well.

Tonys Chocolonely

We love the mission to make 100% slave free the norm in chocolate. 🍫 We love all the flavours and how it tastes too!


For the longest time Patagonia have been doing things differently and changing how all of us do business. Outdoor wear that protects the outdoors.

Butternut Box

We love our dogs more than anything and fellow B Corp Butternut Box make the best food that's great for our dogs and the planet.

Naked Sprout

Because we give a crap about the planet we choose toilet paper that's carbon neutral, unbleached, plastic free and a Certified B Corp.

My Green Pod

The ethical alternative to Amazon that's actually planting a forest rather than just naming itself after one! Every single item is personally selected by the amazing founders Jarvis and Katie.


The world's most comfortable shoes? We think so. What's certain is Allbirds are one of the least impactful footwear companies, including making the world's first net zero carbon shoe!

Rapscallion Soda

A soda that cares as much about their raw ingredients as we do. Incredible flavours, low sugar, cool branding and they taste just so good with Avallen, especially the rhubarb.

Hiut Denim

Brilliant jeans with a beautiful story of revitalising a closed factory and reinvigorating a small town in Wales as a global centre for world class denim.


Chemicals have no place near vaginas, so we love everything that Yoni are doing to revolutionise period care.


Showing that you care about the planet has never looked so stylish. You can sometimes see Steph looking absolutely fabulous in her LOVEHERO outfits.

Ben & Jerry's

We all need a little bit of ice cream in our lives, and Ben & Jerry's are a rare thing: a global brand that really does care and is using their business to do good in the world.

Neem London

Stylish menswear that uses a fraction of the resources to make their products than their competitors. How many bananas does it take to make a Neem shirt?

Telmont Champagne

Who doesn't love champagne? Telmont are doing the work to reduce the impact of the world's favourite sparkling wine. They're doing so many good things even Leonardo di Caprio invested.

Citizens of Soil

Olive oil done right. Single estate, ethical, transparent, organic, and celebrating the farmers that make this beautiful, delicious liquid.
We love Citizens of Soil so much Steph invested in them.


Sustainaholics are working hard to reduce the impact of flying by getting the world's leading sustainable brands, including Avallen, onto planes and into airports.


Silent electric motorbikes used by anti-poaching squads in the Amazon and Africa. We absolutely love this super cool cutting edge tech being used to protect nature!